Flower Friday! Your chance to grab a bargain!

Each weekend I'm in wedding fever and my Gallery is full of lovely flowers. So every Friday I make a special bouquet featuring some of the flowers that I've got in stock. I'll only make one bouquet and post a photo on my Facebook page. To buy it just be the first person to comment that you want it and it's yours to pick up. And as it's Flower Friday it will be on sale at a bargain price! 

Here are some photos from the latest Flower Friday Special..

Jen's bridal bouquet

Congratulations to Jen and Tom! Jen was perfect! Other than giving me a colour scheme she completely put her trust in me and let me design her bouquet. Hope you had a great day and all the very best for the future! Kat xxx

Vip Roses - From Holland to England in a paper bag

I visited Vip Roses van Sassen in Holland and was given a tour of the greenhouse by Marc Sassen. Marc picked lots of his amazing roses and gave them to me. They were so beautiful! There was no way that I was going to let them die!

So for the next few days as we travelled around Holland, from hotel to hotel I looked carefully after the beauties. Sometimes they rested in cups of water in the hotel room and sometimes tucked in a bag with the stems wrapped whilst on the move.

My goal was to get them home and make a lovely floral creation! 

So after a few days I arrived home. The roses had made it too, although some were a little bruised...

Here are some pics of their flower journey and the finished bouquet. 

Thank you Marc for picking the roses! I doubt he expected they would make it to England and feature in a bouquet!

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