Vip Roses - From Holland to England in a paper bag

I visited Vip Roses van Sassen in Holland and was given a tour of the greenhouse by Marc Sassen. Marc picked lots of his amazing roses and gave them to me. They were so beautiful! There was no way that I was going to let them die!

So for the next few days as we travelled around Holland, from hotel to hotel I looked carefully after the beauties. Sometimes they rested in cups of water in the hotel room and sometimes tucked in a bag with the stems wrapped whilst on the move.

My goal was to get them home and make a lovely floral creation! 

So after a few days I arrived home. The roses had made it too, although some were a little bruised...

Here are some pics of their flower journey and the finished bouquet. 

Thank you Marc for picking the roses! I doubt he expected they would make it to England and feature in a bouquet!