Passionate Flowers

Inspired by the beauty of nature

Do you already enjoy arranging flowers? Or thought about having a go for the first time?

Then I'm sure you would love one of my D!Y Flower Boxes!

Here's how it works...


Each week I will feature a different bouquet or arrangement. It won't always be a bouquet!


I'll carefully pack your box with all the flowers, foliage & sundries to make this bouquet or arrangement.


The next day your box will arrive at your home.

When your box arrives it's important that your flowers & foliage have a drink of water as soon as possible. Take them out of the box and with a sharp knife or secateurs cut 1cm off the bottom of all stems. Place in a vase of water & put them in a cool place until you are ready to arrange them.


When you are ready to start, lay out your flowers on a table. You'll need a sharp knife or secateurs too. I will have already prepped the stems so you are ready to go!


Take a look at the Make your Box instructions to help you arrange the flowers but remember floristry is all about being impulsive and creative so feel free to go wild and do your own thing!


Job done! Share your floral beauty! #diyflowerbox

The whole delivery was so lovingly done, the lining of the box, the label and your card and how the flowers were arranged in the box. Even the postman smiled when he delivered them this morning. xxx
— Erica

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