Help Rachel Raffle Ticket

Help Rachel Raffle Ticket


Buy your raffle ticket to have chance of winning an absolute stunning bouquet!

The winner will either need to collect the bouquet or be sent to an address in the UK.

You can add as many tickets as you like.

All proceeds will be given Rachel Clements. Read her story here

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The incredible Rachel lives with a rare form of lung disease called Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis, which has left her with 24% lung function and almost completely oxygen dependent. She is now at a later stage of the disease progression classed as Pulmonary Fibrosis and is under palliative care. Oh, and she also has severe Crohns disease with an Ileostomy, severe osteoporosis and HPA-Axis suppression.

Rachel has three beautiful children - 1 year old Ivan, 3 year old Louis and 12 year old Chloe. As you can imagine, the future of these children is a huge worry for Rachel.

But we can help.

We're collecting donations to help Rachel and her family. If we can raise £119k to pay off their mortgage it would take a huge weight off and would mean that the children's home is secure. Plus a bit of extra money would mean Rachel could pay for private care at home for the children to take some pressure off both her and Chloe, who is like a second mother to her younger brothers. It would also enable them to make as many memories as possible while Rachel can.